Prof. Russell Cowburn FRS

Russell Cowburn has research interests in nanotechnology and its application to magnetism, electronics and optics.  Before returning to Cambridge in 2010 he held positions at the CNRS Paris, University of Durham and Imperial College London.  He is now the Director of Research for the Department of Physics, the founder of two start-up companies and the inventor of the anti-counterfeiting technology ‘Laser Surface Authentication’.  He has had over 60 patents granted and is a frequent invited speaker at international conferences.  He is the winner of the GSK Westminster Medal and Prize, the Degussa Science to Business Award, the Hermes International Technology Award and the Institute of Physics Paterson Medal and Prize.  In 2009 his research was recognised by the European Union by the award of a 2.8 million Euros ERC Advanced Investigator Grant, given only to the highest level of international research.  Professor Cowburn was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2010.

Research Interests

His research group is currently involved in a number of research projects in the areas of nanoscale magnetism and spintronics. Applications of these basic research projects include low energy computer chips, ultrahigh density 3-dimensional data storage and healthcare devices. His philosophy of research is to span a spectrum from applied physics through technology to commercialisation.



Key Publications

“Three dimensional magnetic nanowires grown by focused electron-beam induced deposition”, Scientific Reports 3, 1492 (2013)

“Magnetic ratchet for three-dimensional spintronic memory and logic”, Nature 493, 697 (2013)

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