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Faraday Institute Newsletter No. 116 - October 2015

October 2015 Newsletter No.116
Festival of Ideas: The Power of the Media in the Science-Religion Dialogue
We are delighted to be hosting a panel discussion at this year's Cambridge Festival of Ideas on the topic of science and religion in the media. 
In today’s digitalized world the way the public collects information is changing. There is a wide array of places to find facts, opinions and evidence, which is having an impact on public perception as well as literacy on key issues and topics. The Science Media Centre has been developed to help inform the press on science, but at the same time there has been a decrease in the number of religious correspondents. As science advances so rapidly, are key questions being adequately addressed in the media? 
This panel discussion will investigate the various aspects of the dissemination and understanding of the science-religion dialogue, as well as looking at the use and representation of academically credible and reliable information.  Whose responsibility is it to keep the public informed and up-to-date? Where should the information come from, and how should it be shared? Are commissioning processes fair in the representation of certain topics? Is the dissemination being distorted by budgeting or political issues? With panellists Clifford LongleyAaqil AhmedDenis Alexander and Fern Elsden Baker the discussion will be an interesting and informed dialogue about the challenges, opportunities and struggles of science and religion in the media. 
It will be hosted in the reknowned Debating Chamber of the Cambridge Union Society on 31 October. The panel discussion will start at 2pm and will be followed by refreshments and further discussion in the bar. 
Upcoming Events

6 October  Research Seminar: Prof. Karla Pollmann

20 October Research Seminar: Revd Dr Rodney Holder

31 October  Cambridge Festival of Ideas Panel Discussion: The Power of the Media in the Science-Religion Dialogue

3 November Research Seminar: Dr Andrew Pinsent
Looking Ahead
17 November Research Seminar: Prof. Keith Fox

23 November Annual Reception for Christians in the sciences in Cambridge

27 November  
Public Lecture: Prof. Irene Tracey: Imaging Belief States in Pain and Religion 

27 - 29 November,
Short course in Cambridge
'The Believing Brain: Neuroscience, Psychology and Faith'

The Faraday Institute - Who are we?
 The Faraday Institute
Who are we?

Faraday out and about in October
Over the coming month, Faraday staff will be giving talks on a range of subjects:  
Bob White  
18 October 'Where is God in natural disasters?' Christchurch Cambridge
24 October Christians in Science, Oxford  'Why natural disasters?' 
Hilary Marlow
22 October University of the Sacred Heart, Italy one-day seminar responding to the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si!
Ruth Bancewicz 
28 October Peterborough Theological Society  'Wonders of the living world:science and faith in action' 
Rodney Holder  St John's College  ‘God and the Big Bang’ 
Faraday Weekend Course
The Believing Brain: Neuroscience, Psychology and Faith
27-29 November 2015, Moeller Centre, Cambridge
Booking is now open for a Faraday weekend course  entitled 'The Believing Brain'. This is an opportunity for those working in, or interested in, the field to hear about the latest developments in this area and to discuss some of the theological and philosophical issues that arise. With an impressive line up of speakers and plenty of time for questions and discussion, it promises to be a stimulating weekend. The weekend will commence with the Faraday Termly Lecture (which, as usual, is open to the public). For more details see  The Believing Brain.

Faraday Regional Courses
Over the next two years, we hope to run a series of regional day courses around the UK. But we can't do it without your help.
So would you like to organise a Faraday Day Course in your local area?  We will work with you to plan it and help with everything from booking speakers to providing a bookstall. If so contact Faraday Course Director, Hilary Marlow on